Rudy Loewe (pronouns they/them) is a visual artist and arts educator engaging in critical social issues through painting and drawing. Their practice interrogates what has become truth in the collective memory, envisaging alternate futures that centre Black queer and trans experience. Pertinent questions within their practice have been — Who are the authors of history? Whose narratives are seen as objective? How do we preserve our own legacies?

Rudy uses a visual language to disentangle threads relating to Black histories, colonialism, gender, sexuality, and Caribbean folklore; highlighting the interconnectedness in our struggles against oppression. Often they use personal narratives, collected first hand experiences and archival material as a starting point in their work. Rudy is concerned with who has access to archives and the way our histories are disseminated.

Rudy graduated in 2018 from the Visual Communication MFA at Konstfack, receiving the Rektor Stavenowska award for academic excellence. Sharing Knowledges was their first Swedish solo exhibition at Marabouparken in 2018, exploring embodied knowledge and community histories. Rudy received the Arbetsstipendium in 2019 to continue their work investigating British and Swedish colonial legacies. Alongside their collaborator, Jacob V. Joyce, Rudy has been the Early Years artist-in-residence at the Serpentine Gallery for 2020. In 2021 Rudy became a PhD candidate at the University of the Arts London to research Black Power and British colonial legacies through painting and drawing.

Rudy has been a member of several collectives: Brown Island (Sweden), Collective Creativity (UK) and Grounding Future(s) (Sweden).