Artist Statement
Rudy Loewe is a visual artist/arts educator focusing on themes such as gender; sexuality; black histories; and colonialism. Their work uses firsthand experiences, interviews and archival material to uplift voices that aren’t regularly given a platform. Rudy is concerned with questions such as who are the authors of history? Whose narratives are seen as objective? How do we preserve our own legacies?

Rudy works with painting, drawing, printmaking and self-publishing. They often utilise formats that increase the accessibility of the work and make it easily disseminated. Rudy plays with scale: sometimes painting large scale with acrylic directly onto walls, or drawing and printing small scale onto paper and textiles.

Their approach to text in their work references Jamaican sign painting, protest placards and banners. This can be seen in works such as We Been Here that uses bright colours and hand drawn lettering to speak to the Afro-Caribbean diaspora and the histories of black resistance in the UK.

Having organised in activist and community spaces over the last decade, Rudy is motivated by the potential for art as an activist tool. They see their artistic practice as a way of engaging people in critical themes, raising awareness of issues and creating community space.

A focus within their practice is how we can work collectively as artists to build structures for our communities as BIPOC (Black/indigenous/people of colour). They have collaborated to do this as part of two collectives, Collective Creativity (UK) and Brown Island (Sweden).

They/ them pronouns