Artist Statement
Rudy Loewe is a visual artist utilising drawing, painting and printmaking as a means of building narrative and contributing to dialogues on social themes. They work with large scale, sometimes directly onto surfaces that then ensure their temporality; as well as small scale in forms such as publications.

The work itself is bright and colourful, referencing aesthetics from the Afro Caribbean diaspora.
It also represents different kinds of bodies, highlighting differing races; non conforming genders; sexualities; classes and (dis)ability. Rudy makes the work that reflects the narratives they would like to see in the world, the histories that are not getting the visibility or care that they deserve.  

The intention of Rudy’s work is to create images that speak to the individuals reflected in the subject matter: for us, by us. Creating narrative through sequential images, they document for example, black histories collected from archives, interviews and first hand experiences; playing with how these stories can be visualised and preserved.

Rudy’s work incorporates different kinds of surfaces: directly painting with acrylic onto walls, drawing with inks on paper, screen printing onto textiles. The main thread between all of these is the process of storytelling. Even when working with a singular image, they are focused on narrative form. They also combine image with language, using their own texts as well as sourced from other references such as archives. There is a pedagogical element in all of the work that they do, in the hope that the viewer can experience the work on many levels.

They/ them pronouns