2019            Project Studies (Painting), The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm                                                       
2018            MFA Visual Communication, Konstfack, Stockholm
2010            BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Brighton, Brighton                                               
2007            Foundation Studies in Art and Design , London College of Communication, London                                                    

Solo Exhibitions            
2018            Sharing Knowledges, Marabourparken, Stockholm
2018            I am the Night Sky, Sta.Daemonia, Stockholm
2018            Decolonising Queer, DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2017            EXIT, various locations, Stockholm

Group Exhibitions
2019            Harifrån, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm 
2018            Utopie Comme Méthodologie, Regart, centre d'artistes en art actuel, Levis, Quebec
2018            Punx of Colour, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London
2018            Vår Utställning, Konstfack, Stockholm
2018            Brown Island 2.0, Konstfack, Stockholm
2017             Techno and the City, ADE, Amsterdam
2017            SISTERS, Fluc, Vienna
2017            Brown Island in the White Sea, Konstfack, Stockholm
2016           EXTRACT, Kulturhuset, Linköping
2016            Beyond Words, Hull Library, Hull
2016            Expansions, Idea Store Watney Market, London
2015            Accompaniment, EFA Project Space, New York
2015            Afrofutures_UK, Mad Lab, Manchester
2015            Idea Store Canary Wharf, London
2015            Stuart Hall Library, Rivington Place, London
2015            Perceptions, 11 Market Way, London
2012            Knitted Jungle Collective, Kunst Haus 15, Nottingham
2010            BIG 2010, Rochelle School, London
2010            Degree Show, University of Brighton, Brighton
2009            Create-Donate, Oxfam, Brighton
2009            Keen as Mustard, Magnum Opus, Brighton
2008            Klang: A Tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Southbank Centre, London

Works in Public Space
2018            LDN WMN commissioned by Tate and the Mayor of London, London
2018            PROCESSIONS commissioned by Artichoke, London

Artist in Residence 
2019            Distributed Identities, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada
2019            We Dey, Austria
2019            The Bothy Project, Scotland

Recent Publications
2018            Paletten, Sweden
2018            Tecknaren, Sweden
2018            Bang Magazine, Sweden
2017            Norm Form exhibition catalogue, ArkDes, Sweden
2017             Bang Magazine, Sweden
2017            Missy Magazine, Germany
2017            Quix publication, Austria
2016            Bang Magazine, Sweden
2016            The Lifted Brow Magazine, Australia
2016            The Nib online, USA
2016            Beyond Words Artist Publication, UK
2016            Lady Malcolm’s Servants’ Ball newspaper, Duckie, UK
2016            If We All Spat at Once They’d Drown Anthology, Australia
2016            STRIKE! Magazine, UK

Recent Speaking Appearances
2018            Collective Organising: Brown Island and Collective Creativity, Marabouparken, Stockholm
2018            Ljubljana Pride, Ljubljana
2017            Trans Film Fest, Stockholm
2017            Nuances of M, WELD, Stockholm
2017            In this Room, Konstfack, Stockholm
2017            SISTERS, Fluc, Vienna
2017            Cinema Africa, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
2017            Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm
2016            Surviving the Art School, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna
2016            Intersection, Made in Arts London, Hoxton Arches, London
2015            Queer Black Spaces 3, University College London
2015            Histories From Elsewhere, London Metropolitan Archives, London
2015            Spare Rib: Doing What Comes Naturally, Feminist Library, London
2015            Journeys Through Zine Cultures, Stuart Hall Library, London
2015            Politics of the Art School, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
2015            Art. School. Differences, HEAD, Geneva
2015            Queer Black Spaces 2, University College London

Recent Arts Facilitation
2018            Manifestos with Collective Creativity, Grafikens Hus, Stockholm
2018            Tools for Self Organising, Marabouparken, Stockholm
2018            Intersectionality in Comics, DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2017            Community Care, Collective Care, Wellcome Collection, London
2017            Norm Creative zine making, Lava, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
2017            Summer workers programme, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm
2017            Nyhetsbyran illustration workshop, Konstfack, Stockholm
2017            Brown Island: Creating Spaces, Konstfack, Stockholm
2016            Surviving the Art School, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2016            Surviving the Art School, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna
2016            Friday Late Spectacular: Body Language, Wellcome Collection, London
2016            Surviving the Art School, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
2016            EXTRACT, Linköping, Sweden
2016            Gender & Sexuality Zine workshop, Open Barbers, London
2016            My Tate summer school, Tate Modern, London
2016            Printmaking workshop, Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London
2016            No Fly on the Wall workshop, The Common House, London
2016            Graphic Novel workshops, Cubitt Arts and Holloway Seconday School, London
2016            Art Week: zine making, Wadham College, University of Oxford, Oxford
2016            Performing ‘Professionality’: The Politics of Getting Paid, Open School East, London
2016            Printmaking workshop, Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London
2016            Late at Tate Britain: My Bed, Tate Britain, London
2016            Zine Making, Chelsea College of Art, London
2016            Art and Language Project: Re-mapping the Canon, Tate Britain, London    
2015            Tell Me a Story, Berlin Zine Fair, Berlin
2015            Grassroots Organising Now, Autograph ABP, London
2015            Afrofutures UK, Manchester
2015            Collective Creativity workshop, Cutie.B.Poc Festival, Berlin
2015            Mental Health and Comics, Cutie.B.Poc Festival, Berlin
2015            Drawing Black Lives Summer School, Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London
2015            Tell Me a Story, The Spark, Brady Arts Centre, London
2015            No Colour Bar Summer School, London Metropolitan Archives, London
2015            Surviving the Art School, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham

Other Relevant Experience
2018            Guest picture editor at Bang for the Arbetslinjen issue, Sweden

Awards/ Stipends
2018            Stavenowska Stipendiet, Konstfack, Stockholm
2018            Konstfack Stipendiet, Konstfack, Stockholm
2017            Konstfack Stipendiet, Konstfack, Stockholm