Artist Biography

Rudy Loewe (b.1987) lives and works in London, UK. Their artistic practice responds to the state violence that shapes our remembering of history and the intentional silences in institutional archives. They form narratives and make space for different kinds of knowledges by inviting in those voices suppressed by the dominant retelling of history.
Through painting, Loewe unravels British government operations dismantling Caribbean Black Power movements during the 1960s and ‘70s as a part of their ongoing PhD research. 

Anansi, the trickster, is a recurrent character in Loewe’s work, whom they envisage as a gender-nonconforming shapeshifter. Loewe questions who amongst us is forced to shapeshift in order to survive. They integrate spider technologies into their paintings, considering how these might be harnessed into practice by trans communities.

Loewe has exhibited internationally in institutions and galleries, including the 2023 Liverpool Biennial, UK; South London Gallery, UK; Royal Academy, UK; Regart Centre D'Artistes En Art Actuel, CA; Serpentine Galleries, UK; Marabouparken, SE; and Independent Art Fair, USA. They will exhibit at the 2024 Toronto Biennial.

Residencies include Labverde, Brazil (2023); Wysing Arts Centre, UK (2023); Serpentine Galleries, UK (2020); Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada (2019).

Loewe is represented by VITRINE London/Basel.

Photography Lo River Lööf